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Readers Review Dear Boy, An Epistolary Memoir


Dear Boy, is a memoir now often called a “trauma narrative,” one that may end in

feelings of unease for the reader looking for an easy telling and resolution of a

story about the worst kinds of family hurts and losses. Truhlar Weber relates how a

mother’s mental illness (that might be difficult to believe is not exaggerated)

ultimately divides her from the brother she holds most dear of anyone except her

other brother, writing both clearly and with ambiguity; both honestly and from

behind a veil that refuses to easily disclose all; with courage the reader

recognizes and with integrity not always found in the family story. No formulas here

except for the skilled employment of the letter form: reaching, pleading, inventing

questions of a past that has few easy answers. A faithful perspective that doesn’t

proselytize, yet evangelizes, Dear Boy, cuts to the bones of her family’s history.

            ~Adrian Koesters

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